oil interior 1 continues / by Philip Tarlow

1:11 PM: until i can cover my skylights with material that blocks some of the sunlight, i'm attempting to get to work early & stop around now to shield my face, which is still very sensitive to sunlight 5 days post-therapy.

this morning i did quite a bit of work on the figure on the right, which was too large & dominant, as well as painting into many of the remaining white spaces where blank canvas was showing through. portrait linen works best with a light touch, so there's practically no buildup of paint to be seen. it's a very musical composition, with many diagonals guiding the viewers eye back & forth across the composition, with a richness & warmth of color characteristic, i believe, of much of my work over the years. 

                             YESTERDAY                                                                    TODAY

working on a white ground, rather than the tinted ground i've used for many of my oils in the past, has freed me up and allowed for that luminous quality you can only get when the bright white canvas informs the thinly painted colors. sometimes i miss that hectic flimflam and the constant surprises of my collaged gaze series. i may make more.

i think it's worth checking out the details of oil interior 1, which you see below.