looking back: gaze 27-32x32" / continuing oil interior 1 / by Philip Tarlow

2:06 PM: i'm stopping here for the day. my face is very red & swollen form the blue light treatment, and it's hard to keep my focus today. the painting has evolved and is, i feel, in a good place. my direction and vision are to maintain the lightness of touch and painterliness that sets it apart from the version i did 20 years ago. see yesterday's blog post for that image and to read my comments on that. i'm hoping to get a good nights sleep & be in better form tomorrow.

BELOW: yesterdays version on the left; todays on the right.

10:49 AM: i'm about to prepare my colors for continued work on oil interior 1. pics when available.

after my morning meditation i lie down in the living room and am face to face with gaze 27. having had repeated opportunities to review this painting in what could bbe called ideal conditions, i have a deeper appreciation for it's assets, which in all modesty, i think are many.