gouache interior 5 completed? / by Philip Tarlow

                         gouache interior 5  14x14"  gouache on archival watercolor paper.  

2:25 PM: even though we took our morning trail walk, we returned early enough for me to get to work around 10. so i got a lot done, and may have completed gouache interior 5. although the photo collage i worked from was shot 30 years ago in rajistan, i can recall all the elements very clearly. the barber & his crew were thrilled at being the subjects of my photos. his seemingly makeshift shop was actually very well equipped, and contained many of the elements i love in an interior: numerous mirrors, beautiful patterned colors, figures who, in spite of the fact that they're very aware of being the subjects of photographs, are all relaxed and natural in their bodies. in that respect, they reminded me of the passengers i drew and painted on the ferry to and from andros. without the 2 figures on the right, who were able to sneak in because of my collaging, the image would lose immeasurably.