drawing for gouache interior 5 / looking back / by Philip Tarlow

4 PM: i started painting, but just barely. tomorrow morning we plan on walking early, around 5:30 to avoid the mosquitoes, which are just now starting to show up & will be around for about 6 weeks. so i should be able to get to work by 10 am & have a full day.i love this early stage, where the surface begins coming to life.

2:23 PM: the drawing for gouache interior 5 is complete, so i'm going to prepare my colors & start painting. pics as they become available.

12:11 PM: i'm at work on the drawing for the next gouache interior 5. this one is inspired by a photo collage i shot in rajistan, india in the '90's. it's a colorful half indoor half outdoor barber shop.

rajistan is known for it's bright colors, as you will see when i began painting this one.

SITE-8-8-11 plein air oil.jpg
















looking back: this is a plein air oil on linen, 16x16" painted on august 8, 2011.

it's a great example of how realism can evolve to abstraction. quite handsome in person.