gouache interior 4 completed / by Philip Tarlow

3:08 PM: i don't have any more of these frames, so i switched out gouache interior 3 for the new one. that way i can bring it to the house and make a final evaluation as to whether or not it's resolved. quite a shift from my gaze series! as you may recall, those paintings went back & forth form house to studio many times and underwent radical alterations before being declared resolved. and even the, later, sometimes months later, they would once again transform, sometimes rendering them unrecognizable. 

1:14 PM: after a few final tweaks, i just now completed gouache interior 4. mikela rightly pointed out that it was leaning a bit to far towards the beiges, so i introduced a few subtle but critical blues that made all the difference. so now, she sings! as time goes on, my marks become more economical, so that what might seem to the onlooker to be very minor adjustments can critically shift the energy of the whole.