gaze 2 in amazing technicolor! / by Philip Tarlow

3:23 PM: end of my painting day. we had wanted to walk up the trail, but there's a thunderstorm happening.

i did a fair amount of work, especially on the lower portion. it's still not there, but it's in an interesting state, close to becoming a reinvention as opposed to an interpretation. is that a distinction, or did i conveniently just make it up? i may bring it over to the trusty east wall of our east living room to evaluate more carefully. the red shape on her right shoulder is bothering me. i think the red adds a lot, but the shape doesn't quite integrate with the rest of the composition.

i'll report in once i get it back to the house & we've had a chance to evaluate. some of the details are cool, so i've posted them above. if you click on them they'll become full screen, and if you happen to be on a 27" desktop,you'll get a pretty good idea. all shot with my trusty nikon D-7200 by the way. love that camera!






1:23 PM: working into the collaged image, there is now a bit more compositional coherence. the lower half of the painting is not yet on board with the rest though...

and all the while, vermeer himself is still trying to figure out how his own model showed up in his place & took over the space. (see yesterday's blog: MODEL OBLITERATES PAINTER, for an explanation)












12:10 PM: some collaging this morning moved gaze 2 into the color by technicolor space. about to squeeze my colors onto the palette & begin painting.

more pics will be posted as available this afternoon