back in the studio / by Philip Tarlow

2:42 PM: a bit of collaging, a bit of painting...siga-siga or  σιγα σιγα as they say in greek (slowly-slowly). 

the collaged areas, mostly on the top quarter, have enlivened the image. some have said that his garb is not contemporary, and that it was something he had in his trunk of tricks. more recently however, art historians have found that his flamboyant clothing was indeed fashionable at the time. in any case, it lends itself to the painterly strokes he was so masterful at. his use of space always lends itself to riffing, i think because he is so sensitive to the abstract patterning that pervades his work and takes it beyond his time.

i'm curious to see where it goes tomorrow morning.










10:43 AM: we were in denver for a few days, so this is my first morning back in my studio. as soon as i get things organized i'll continue work on gaze 2, which you see below over the past 3 stages. pics to follow.