continued work on gaze 37 / by Philip Tarlow

gaze 37, 38x36"  acrylic & collage on canvas

3 PM: we had a great time over dinner last night with our friends sophie, her husband christian and sophie's parents. her dad is the realist painter willard dixon, with whom i showed at fischbach gallery in the '80's. i so valued his visit to my studio, his observations and comments. then i showed him the tsarouchis book, which he totally got. great evening.

i resumed work on gaze 37 a bit late today, applying more collage to areas i felt needed it. i hesitate to call it resolved, because i seem to do that every day! so i'll wait till tomorrow morning for that. in the mean time, mikela will come over later & give her take on it, which is almost always an accurate evaluation.









BELOW: left to right: the progression of gaze 37 since may 26th