look what i found! and, more work on gaze 37 / by Philip Tarlow

SITE-5-28-17 Gaze 37.jpg

2:47 PM: stopping a bit early today to go help prepare for our dinner guests. i did a scrumble of parts of the canvas, then worked into it. i think i was able to address my friend wendy's concerns regarding the area with the collaged map to the left of her hand, which was a bit too white and now has a pinkish hue. as a whole, the image is now less in your face and the harshness which can happen with acrylic paints has softened. as usual, i'll know better tomorrow morning.

BELOW: left-yesterday's version, right: today's


1:03 PM: i was away from the studio yesterday for a meeting in boulder regarding actionlab360

my all important first gaze told me that parts of gaze 37 need to be scrubled then worked back into, so that's what i'm about to do.

i was organizing a roll of 2012 abstract collages on canvas when i ran across this one, which i think is pretty good. it's 77x25" and it needs some repair to sections that have air bubbles, which is very do-able. for now i plan on tacking it to the wall in our entryway, since i don't have the right size stretcher bars. we'll see how it holds up to scrutiny.

i'll post pics later this afternoon of the work i'm about to do on gaze 37.