gaze 37 continued / by Philip Tarlow

2:41 PM: here's gaze 37 at the end of my painting day. i think it has definitely progressed; the space works better, and it's still walking that line between descriptive realism & abstraction.  as we take our morning creek walks and i observe the trees, the creek, the budding leaves, the rocks, the same seems to hold true. it's an abstraction that comes alive & is made more compelling by the descriptive elements we recognize and can name.

lets see how it strikes me when i walk in tomorrow morning. for now, i'm feeling tired & ready to clean my brushes.

gaze 37, 38x36" as it looked at 12:35 PM

12:50 PM: after another great early morning walk, i resumed work on gaze 37. this one stands out as, thus far, being the only one in the series not to have a face as the dominant image. i am proceeding slowly, attempting to walk the line between preserving some of the collaged elements that seem more important to the composition and forging ahead defining the more realist elements of milk pitcher & basket of bread. thus far, there is a painterly zest i'd like to maintain. so i'm taking frequent breaks, evaluating what i've done through my, as yet, imperfect lenses. in about a week, i should finally have my glasses, with the accurate progressive prescription. more pics as i continue working.