musings....a bigger plein air? / by Philip Tarlow

2:17 PM: this is a march 25 plein air painting, which i shot on site. i'm considering making some of these small plein air gouaches into larger paintings in oil on canvas, which i'l like to attempt doing on site. yesterday i found a high school student who is excited about being my assistant on this project in exchange for some mentoring.

so once we're back, i'm going to make preparations and, when the weather is right, go out with my assistant & see what happens.


1:59 PM, edwards, colorado we drove up this morning for a 10 am meeting in eagle having to do with actionlab360, which went really well. we're expecting a late winter snow storm this evening, which will last through friday, possibly making for a challenging drive home.

left: leaving crestone, 6am center & right: driving up the 285 towards leadville, on our way to eagle.