back out to the creek? / by Philip Tarlow

5:11 PM: it became too windy & cloudy to go out to the creek to paint plein air. so instead i put my attention on a proposal i'm putting together with 3 core styles of work: my gaze series; my ano kato series; and my plein air paintings, both in oil on linen and gouache on paper.  the proposal will be designed for galleries i intend to approach.

while i ended up not painting plein air today, i did prepare a group of surfaces with heavy, satiné (smooth) watercolor paper taped to foam core, making them very light & easy to carry. so whenever weather permits, i'll be going out fully prepared.

11:09 AM: it's a gorgeous day and it's likely i'll go back out to the creek this afternoon to paint plein air. if so, i'll post pics as the work progresses, as always.

here's a plein air painting in gouache on paper, 2.25x14.5" that was painted 8 years ago, august 20, 2009. the time, as you see in the lower right corner, was 11:22 am. i sometimes note the time to identify the piece, as i usually make more than one in a sitting.

plein air prep: this morning, to make my plein air process easier, i made little dividers out of foam core & used them to separate the main color groups so that I don't have to scrounge about to find the color I need. the plastic container then gets placed in this little backpack, which I use to carry my equipment to the site. that way I have both hands free; one to carry the collapsible chair & table; the other to carry a bag containing a variety of paper painting surfaces. this means I have to choose sites not too far a walk from where I park, or it would get tiring.