videotaping at school this morning / plein air at the creek / by Philip Tarlow

6:42 PM: after a weather related break of 2 or 3 weeks, i went out to the creek this afternoon & made 1 drawing & 3 gouaches. it was, as usual, exhilarating. i started with a warm up drawing, which serves exactly that purpose; it warms up my eye hand coordination and establishes my feeling in the moment as a platform for something new, something i've never done. at some point, perhaps soon, i make these on a larger scale. at first on site, then in my studio.

9:45 AM: this morning we'll be at the local charter high school and i'll be videotaping the kids presenting their final projects. then this afternoon, i may sally forth to the creek to make one or two gouache paintings on paper in this precious time before the start of mosquito season. if so, i'll post from the creek. in the mean time, my friends, heres a look back form february,2015, when i was in the thick of my ano kato series. (ano kato in greek means topsy turvy) this one, ano kato 25,  is 32x78", oil on portrait linen.