cactus blooms / by Philip Tarlow

3:49 PM: i needed a break from my gaze series, so i started a new series of paintings in oil on portrait linen, 16x16." the first in the series is titled cactus blooms.  the high desert cacti growing on our property, which are ubiquitous in the san luis valley, bloom briefly next month. so i get to admire them on my walks to & from the studio.

painting in oil again after a break of over one year, during which time i worked in acrylics & collage, and, when i painted plein air, gouache on paper is like having sex again after a year of abstinence! it's that good. some of these will become larger paintings eventually, but for now, the series will be 16x16." i don't know what's coming next, but it could be one of the little birds i photographed outside our front door this morning & posted on facebook.

there's a winter storm warning starting at 6pm through tomorrow, with 6-18" of new snow above 10,000 ft. VERY exciting. if it materializes, it will be an important addition to our snowpack, which is already above normal.