transfiguration / by Philip Tarlow

1:47 PM: today i recieved a "no" from the national gallery of ireland in dubln. i knew from the start it was a long shot. nonetheless it's hard to deal with no. had i been aware of the big vermeer exhibition earlier, it would have given me precious time. but museums organize their programs at least 1-2 years in advance, so what i'm attempting is a long shot. and what am i attempting? in a nutshell, an exhibition of my gaze series accompanied by a talk by myself and gary schwartz, whose just published vermeer in detail has an obvious relation to what my series is about. gary is excited about the idea and loves the work, but we're up against the time factor.

so i was getting tired of riffing on vermeer's the lacemaker and today shifted imagery and am riffing on the art of painting, which i think is his greatest masterpiece. i love seeing it in this early phase, where my most recent version of the lacemaker peeks through around the figure of vermeer seated and painting with his back to us. i'm stopping early, so this new imagery will continue to develop tomorrow.