day 3, gaze 2 revision / by Philip Tarlow

2:43 PM: that's it for today. ready to clean my brushes & go for a windy walk up north crestone creek trail with mikela. 

i did a bit more work, including more collaging. i know she now looks like she has bunny ears; it was not intentional, or any rate it hangs together better compositionally, and those shapes in the upper quadrant add mystery, and announce that she is here and now. the calligraphic writing was inspired by one of my favorite fayum paintings, where it serves the purpose of identifying the sitter.

lets see how gaze 2 strikes me in the morning...











12:51 PM: reVISION....that's it exactly. i'm re-visioning vermeer's the lacemaker. today i did a radical series of interventions, in that wonderful state where the process is happening & there is no attachment to this or that form, whether it be a biomorphic shape created as the result of repeated collaging, scraping, painting, or a realist detail like an eye or hand.

once again children's drawings made here on my studio floor months ago have taken on a significant role, in this case allowing bright reds to enter the equation, as the lacemaker emerges into her 21st century space, no less dedicated to her craft.