day 3 of gaze 2 revision / by Philip Tarlow

2:42: it's a bitterly cold, cloudy day, with snow falling above 10,000 ft. the storm will move out of the state tonight and tomorrow will be a partly sunny, relatively warmer day. 

although i accomplished a lot today, the painting still needs work. for one thing, the blue on the bottom portion is too dominant, and either needs to be pushed back or perhaps collages over. we'll see. the light should be better tomorrow, making it a lot easier to work.

i discovered yesterday that the progressive lenses in the glasses i'm wearing, which i ordered a few months after my cataract/glaucoma surgery, when my right eye had settled down, are the kind that block uv light. this means they make everything look warmer & yellower than it really is.  it's a huge drag, because in order to see the true colors of the painting i'm working on or adjusting on the screen, i have to remove my glasses, giving me a blurry but coloristically accurate image. 

way to cold & windy to walk up the creek today, so we'll wait till tomorrow.




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