re-work of gaze 2 commences / looking back-2010 / by Philip Tarlow

5:22 PM: UPDATE:  we ended up not walking due to the very gusty, strong winds.

2:12 PM: in spite of the cold wind, we're going to walk up the creek trail in about an hour. the cold wind is gusting to about 35 MPH, but if we dress warmly, we should be fine, dressing warmly for mikela means a light fleece jacket, which she ends up removing half way up. 

i launched into my re-work of gaze 2 this morning. when you look at the earlier version, below, you may wonder why i didn't leave well enough alone. well, briefly, the bottom half wasn't working in the whole composition, and was more like filler, or dead space. at this early stage, it may seem rather awkward and ill conceived to you, but these are just the beginnings of my re-work, which undoubtedly will involve some collaging tomorrow,







11:11 AM: i was going through my highly disorganized files and came across this photo, shot on june 11, 2010. i am standing in front of a partially completed painting titled university, in oil on linen. it's based on photos i took of athens university the previous year, and was shown in my 2010 solo exhibition at skoufa gallery in athens.

i brought gaze 1 over to the house, where we'll live with it for a few days and i'll decide whether or not it needs more work. so today i'm going to focus on another early gaze painting, gaze 2, which you see on the left, which needs work. it too is inspired by vermeer's the lacemaker.