nose job / by Philip Tarlow

2:07 pm: it's getting pretty dark out there, so i'm stopping early for the day. i did some more tweaking to gaze 1, working mostly in the areas around the lower face; nose & mouth. the painting now has a somewhat festive air; kind of like miro meets vermeer. at the same time, as one facebook friend observed, it is a moving image, all the more so because of the contrast between the lacemaker's focused, almost meditative air and the playfulness of the colorful biomorphic shapes flying about. my lesson, always, is that the integrity of the picture plane matters above all. vermeer's painterly brilliance, combined with his tender observation of the everyday, serve as my inspiration.

gaze 1 38x38" at 1 pm today

1:05 PM: one of my greek facebook friends agreed with mikela that the nose on gaze 1 needed work. so this morning, aside from other minor tweaks to the painting, i worked on her nose. it's definitely better, but i still think there's room for improvement.

so i'll continue working, probably for another 2 hours. heavy snow was falling this morning, and will begin again later in the day into tonight. giving us a foot or more of new snow above 11,000 ft.