more work on gaze 1 today / by Philip Tarlow

12:34 PM: THE ZING FACTOR: what is that? perhaps listening to led zeppelin's dazed & confused from their bbc sessions, disk 2 is what did it. and what is it? the words enlivening; dynamic; sexy; ambiguously painterly all come to mind. and i mean sexy in the way my greek friend's snails, which he posted yesterday on FB, are sexy.they exclaim: "hey, just because i'm tiny & silent doesn't mean i don't have a soul, don't have a voice!" i knocked myself out over the past 1.5 hours, so i think i'll have some oatmeal & eat it while looking at gaze 1 on the easel. the more i look at details of vermeer's paintings, the more i am humbled, dazed & confused.

the blue i'm pointing to in the photo below, by the way, came about after flipping one on my matisse books open at random and remembering how he can use blue & pink like nobody else.

11 AM: i'm about to launch back in to the revised gaze 1, which you see on the right in this studio shot i just took. once i've progressed, i'll post updates. right now, looking at it, i see a richness of subtle colors but lack of zing. something's brewing....let me go squeeze my colors onto the palette &.....