collaging gaze 1 / by Philip Tarlow

3PM: at 2pm, true to the forecast, clouds moved in, it got darker & began raining. i kept working, but since then it's gotten progressively darker, so i'm stopping here for the day. gaze 1 is certainly not resolved, but i'm liking this layered, ambiguous quality emerging from the road i seem to be heading down. if i had purchased this painting in it's current state, i would very likely be making new discoveries daily. right now, as i look at gaze 1 hanging next to 2 other paintings in the series, there is less vermeer, more tarlow.i am feeling less and less compelled to recreate the original, and more drawn to riff on a theme, as i have said in earlier blogs.

if you look closely at the detail below, you will discern the ghost image of the earlier version in the center of her forehead. 


12:54 PM: finished collaging for the moment & about to begin painting. it's still in a formative stage, but has already gained more complexity & visual interest. for my greek friends, on the top left you will notice a cropped portrait of nelly.






11:38 AM: here's what gaze 1 looked like on the easel this morning when i entered my studio. i'm about to do some collaging, followed by more painting in acrylic. pics will be posted as i progress.