fooling around / by Philip Tarlow

plein air collage 1  8x11"  gouache, colored pencil & collage on paper

2:31 PM: i used collage & colored pencil to transform one of yesterdays plein air paintings, which now looks like this.not certain it's resolved, but that will have to wait till we're back.

by the way, in case you're wondering, the fragments of scribbled notes were found lying on the trail as i went to look for a site. i thought of trying to locate the owner, but that would be near impossible; there is no identifying name on the notes. it was their destiny to become part of my artistic process.


12:47PM: today is prep day for our trip to denver & edwards. my current coffee strategy is to make all the coffee in advance so i don't have to bring the moka pot, and can make mikela a quick thermos-full before leaving for school, where we need to be at 8am. that, plus a little pre-packing prep are the reasons i arrived so late in my studio.

i consider yesterdays plein air gouaches sub-standard, so i'm going to fool around with them, possible using collage and who know what else to transform them or maybe destroy them. i'm in a wacky mood, so it might work out. i'll post pics as the afternoon progresses.