day 2-self portrait sketch, and continuing the cactus 1 drawing / by Philip Tarlow

11:08 AM: as i posted yesterday, my plan is to make a drawing/sketch of myself in colored pencil every day as soon as i enter my studio. yesterday was #1 and was crappy. today, #2, is slightly less crappy. which was the point. i've never been able to make a successful drawing of myself, and yet i can make very good ones of others. why, i asked myself. so i decided to start this process of drawing myself every day until something good comes out of it. i figure this has to be a process of getting to know myself on a deeper level, and to be able to get into the zone, as i do when i draw others; especially people i don't know.

so now i'm going back to my cactus 1 drawing. once it's done, i'll transfer it to the tinted ground i prepared on a 16 x 16" piece of stretched, very fine artfix portrait linen, and start work on that painting.

after a couple of years of not getting a cold or the flu, i got very achy last night and my throat began to hurt. i'm trying to nip it in the bud using green earth farms immuno-tonic, to which, correctly or not, i attribute the fact that neither of us has had a cold in forever.