continuing work on gaze 35 / by Philip Tarlow

2:09 PM: gaze 35 as it looked moments ago. this painting is now inspired by vermeer's the girl with the red hat, a painting. it is benefiting, i believe, from all the work i've done on the gaze series paintings. it is enlivened by traces of the many layers of images that lie beneath this one, and by my increasing mastery of the painterly elements i so cherish. i have, to a greater degree than ever before, let go of any attachment to the image per se, and am increasingly engaged on a purely gestural and painterly level. work continues...

12:25 PM: preparing my palette for todays painting

DETAIL of gaze 35, 32x32"





9:03 AM: in a little over an hour i'll go over to the studio, where i plan on continuing work on gaze 35. this is a painting which was born in december of last year and developed over a month. i was not satisfied that it was resolved, so i began re-working it yesterday. on the right is a detail of the very rough state i left it in at the end of my painting day yesterday. to view the vermeer inspired gaze series, click on the link below.