unexpected: plein air today / gaze 34 completed / by Philip Tarlow

3:46 PM: after the plein air, i returned to the studio, where i invited mikela over to give me feedback on gaze 34. she loves the painting, but felt the green calligraphic marks on the face itself were taking her attention away from the sensitivity of her expression. i concurred,and proceeded to remove almost all traces of them, except for the area beneath the face, where i feel they add to the strength and complexity of the composition.

while i was at it, i made a few tweaks to her mouth and nose which i think make it a better painting. for the first time since this re-work began on march 14, i'm taking it over to the house, which is always the acid test to determine whether a painting is resolved or not.

3:37 PM: i made 2 new plein air paintings in gouache on paper at around 11 this morning, as the skies were beginning to darken and the next storm began moving in to osuth central colorado. i found a new spot very close to where i left the car, since i was somewhat pressed for time and didn't feel like lugging my stuff too far. it turned out to be a very wonderful spot, and i may go back once the weather clears.

11:15 AM: as soon as i entered the studio i saw exactly what needed to be done to gaze 34, and i got it done in about 15 minutes. i have to go into town to get some supplies for tonights dinner with friends, which puts me very close to north crestone creek. so i'm going unexpectedly to the creek before i do my shopping & we'll see how that unfolds. it's an opportunity to get in some plein air before the next snow/rain storm hits tonight through wednesday.

i'll post pics from todays plein air from the site, if i have a signal.