a 5 month history of gaze 34 / vermeer resurfaces / by Philip Tarlow

2:53 PM: yesterdays iteration of gaze 34 didn't make the cut. my first glance when i entered the studio gave it a thumbs down. no collaging today; just a few scrumbles before launching in to a different image, inspired by vermeer's the art of painting. i've mined this image before in gaze 13, as you can see on my gaze page. his model, with her garland of leaves headpiece, embodies in some ways the essence of vermeer's timelessness. it's a big part of why over 9,000 people lined up at the entrance to the louvre recently, to try and get through the doors and experience vermeer's paintings in person at the major exhibition currently taking place. his work transcends the extraordinary paintings of his fellow genre painters of the dutch golden age of painting and enters a rarified atmosphere where painterly abstraction co-exists with realism in a way never since equalled. 

fifteen of the paintings in my gaze series are vermeer inspired. gary schwartz, world renowned vermeer scholar and author of the recently published vermeer in detail, called them the best of all the contemporary vermeer inspired paintings he's seen.  click gaze in the drop down menu to see them.

light permitting, i'll continue work on gaze 34 tomorrow.

8:27 AM: it's a sunny morning, but it won't last long. at 8:10 am the temperature was 36.3F/3.3C, with mild highs of 48-58 F predicted today, increasing clouds and scattered rain & snow showers this afternoon....even a thunderstorm is possible. rain & snow showers tonight, changing to all snow after midnight. this is the first of 3 storms predicted to hit our area in the next week. thanks to our local forecaster, keno!

when i get to the studio, that all important first glance will let me know if gaze 34 is resolved,and i can move on to something else. this painting was born in october, 2016 and in early november was considered resolved. after looking at it in the house for almost 5 months, i decided it needed work, which began again in the middle of last month. BELOW: the 12 stages of gaze 34: