continuing gaze 34, shipping gaze 36 & preparing for plein air this afternoon / by Philip Tarlow

2:57 PM: as i did more work on gaze 34, the skies grew darker as clouds moved in . tomorrow through friday will be stormy, with the greatest chance for precipitation tomorrow night into friday morning. it will likely change from rain to snow after midnight, as temperatures drop and remind us we are living at 8,000 ft. in colorado.

i thought i'd make small changes to the painting, which i thought looked pretty good this morning as i arrived in the studio. as it turned out, i made substantial changes, including collaged elements.  i like how her face has changed. i find there is a balance between representation and abstraction, which i am always aiming for. fortuitous accidents have created unexpected new relationships of biomorphic forms and produced a level of mystery i find increasingly essential in these gaze paintings. i wish the original fayum painter could appear here in my studio and give me his opinion.

tomorrow will be a dark day, and we'll see if it's suitable for painting.

11:37 AM: the end of an era. yesterday we officially let go of our last land line. we used to have 2. most of our friends have let them go. last week we switched from at&t to verizon, which has better coverage in the crestone/baca area, and it was clear we no longer needed to be paying seventy bucks a month. feels a little wierd.


                                                                                this morning my first task was to re-shoot gaze 36, which will be shipped to athens, where it will hang in dimitri's theatre, poreia. it's a process, and the first step is getting it unstretched, rolled and placed in a secure tube. i haven't yet been able to get a quote from DHL; so we may have to go to their denver office at the end of the month to get it shipped. 


next, i'll prepare to do more work on gaze 34. i'll post pics as they become available.