another day, another plein air adventure / gaze 34 continues / by Philip Tarlow

3:23 PM: NEWS FLASH:  neither of us slept very well last night and are exhausted, so we've cancelled the creek for today; no plein air today.

2:51 PM: calling it a day, as far as gaze 34 goes. however my day is just beginning! in a little while we'll be on our way to north crestone creek trail, where, after helping me carry my equipment, mikela will take a walk up the trail while i make a few more plein air paintings. our weather will degrade over the next 3 days, so today is an opportunity to get some more done out by the creek. it's already getting a bit breezy, and i can see some could moving in from the west, but conditions should be ok when we go out in an hour or so.

GAZE 34 comments: more collaging happened this morning, as you can see. much of it old maps i cut up.that's how her necklace went from grey to green; bits of an old map of georgia. she's still not there though and, based on recent experience with this series, anything could happen. there's a bit of disharmony between the image itself, based upon a 1st c. fayum portrait, and the collaged areas, which don't yet fully integrate. i felt the need to break up the form this morning though. the image was becoming too solidified into a portrait, rather than a painting. this been an ongoing issue. it's a little like seeing people in a stereotypical way, as opposed to seeing their fullness of being. pardon me for lapsing into crestone-speak, but that's the way it is. as i have said over and over, for me it's all about process. which is why i see the history of art as an unfolding  story, rather than a series of landmark events through time. i know my buddy, the great story teller vermeer would have agreed.

11:27 AM: getting a late start. i plan on continuing work on gaze 34, while making preparations for this afternoon's plein air excursion. the lady awaits, on my easel....