starting the day with a self portrait sketch, then a new creek scroll, and finally, continued work on the drawing for cactus 1 / by Philip Tarlow

7:26 PM: so, the glasses. Too early for a final verdict. as with all new prescription glasses, it takes a while to first impression was: "oh shit, they really screwed these glasses up!" as the hours slipped by, my eyes began to adjust. right now, as i watch TV, i'm noticing the image is sharper than before. as well, when i close my right eye, then my left, the whites are definitely more greyed out. and when i close my left, i see a whiter white than i've seen for years! how will this affect my painting?

12:45 PM: within 2 hours, my new prescription glasses will arrive via UPS, from the zenni workshops in china. i can't wait to see how they affect my vision. i've kind of gotten used to seeing an imperfect when i look through my old glasses. they have my old prescription in the left lens and plain glass in the right. will the difference be as striking as i'm imagining? i'll let you know as soon as i open the package & try them on. by the way, if you haven't heard of zenni, they are amazing. i typed in my new prescription in 2/24 & requsted their sxpress service; a total bargain at $18.00. i ordered 2 pair, with progressive lenses: one normal and one pair of sunglasses, specifying the same frames i had ordered last time. the total cam to $214!

so after making my first in a series of daily self portrait sketches, which i admit is crappy, i created a new creek scroll painting. this one is a bit longer than the others: 57 x 17.75" below are the 5 stages of this new painting. if you click on any one, it will come up full screen.

11:35 AM: i'm going to attempt to make a quick self portrait sketch every morning as soon as i enter the studio, using the exquisite wood framed mirror i found in the late '70's in a deserted stone house in aidonia, andros, greece. this first one is pretty crappy, but that's the see how, if at all they improve over time.

so now i'm moving on to a new creek scroll on japanese paper, and then i'll continue work on the drawing for cactus 1, 16x16."

i'll post pics of the new creek scroll painting a bit later.