new plein air posted daily / work will continue on gaze 34 around 10am / by Philip Tarlow

7:25 PM: i made 2 more plein air paintings at the creek this afternoon. i made one of them; the one on the right on a surface i had tinted with ink 2 years ago. i didn't like how it took the paint. nor did i like working on the tinted surface, which used to be my favorite thing. 

2:26 PM: i took my time making adjustments to gaze 34 today. slowly, slowly (form the greek sigá-sigá) i added highlights and made other adjustments. it was as if i were in the presence of the original sitter and painter. i felt the poignance of her soul, as reflected in her eyes, and the quiet majesty of her being. not unlike my friends, the rock people, whom i've been visiting every afternoon for the past 3 days, she is silent witness to events.

and now, i'll clean my brushes, make my way over to the house and venture out with mikela to the creek again, to make more plein air paintings. it's like i have my morning job & my afternoon job. and, although it's not as exhausting i'm sure, it's parallel to my son dimitri's life over the past few months; going back & forth between his theatre, poreia, and the national theatre to rehearse and direct and act....a one man band, as it were.

8:09 AM: i'll be heading to the studio at around 10 to continue work on gaze 34 and prepare new surfaces for my ongoing afternoon plein air paintings in gouache on paper. i'm posting the new plein air paintings to this page of my site, so you can view the entire series:click on the link BELOW:

BELOW: as promised yesterday, below is a comparison of a plein air painting from 2014, in oil on linen, with a new one in gouache on paper.  my observation is that the current series is more spare, with more space and fewer unnecessary marks. less descriptive you might say. more essential.