continued work on gaze 34 / more plein air today / by Philip Tarlow

6:31 PM: just back from the creek with two more paintings in gouache on paper. it's interesting to compare the paintings i made last time i was at the creek, over a year ago, to what is emerging now. i'll post one of the older ones tomorrow and put it next to a few of the six, so far, new ones, so you can judge for yourself.

2:51 PM: wrapping up for the day & preparing for another afternoon of plein air at the creek. the image has yet again morphed, despite what i predicted yesterday (that it would remain as it was). it is now once again inspired by a female 1st c. fayum portrait in encaustic on wood panel. i did extensive work, first going over the image with a rough first draft, then going into it with successive washes of diluted color, scraping, going back in, etc. here's how i'm leaving it, and i'll see in the morning where it wants to go next.