yesterday's creek plein air paintings / more work on gaze 34 / 2 more plein air paintings / by Philip Tarlow

8:26 pm: i made two more plein air paintings in gouache on paper this afternoon. our near record breaking warm temperatures continue, and i didn't even need my wool cap, which i wore yesterday. i found a spot with flat ground, making it convenient to place my little table & chair with no fear of them tipping over.

2:32 PM: the gaze 34 image shifted, and is now inspired by a 19th c. b&w photograph of a native american chief. it needs more work, but i have a sense that the image itself will remain as is. i've been looking at this photo for months, and he wanted to emerge but i couldn't find the right space. i can see right now as i look at it what changes i would make. they involve the shape of his face and lights and shadows, but not a radical change to the imagery. right now i'm going to clean up & prepare to go out to paint at the creek again. i'll post whatever comes out of this plein air excursion once i'm back.

11:41 AM: yesterday afternoon i made 2 small gouache paintings on paper at n. crestone creek. it was the first time i had been back to the creek to paint plein air in over a year. it's a bit of a logistical challenge, but well worth it. i asked mikela to take a few shot of me painting so i could post them today. we plan on going out again today to take advantage of the unusually mild temperatures. mikela takes a walk up the trail while i paint.

right now i'm about to resume work on gaze 34, and will post pics as available. BELOW: on the left, the current state of gaze 34 before starting work today. on the right: gaze 36, which i was looking at this morning in our living room. it contains some solutions i'd like to incorporate into gaze 34. since these solutions happen spontaneously, i'm going to have to use the 36 discoveries as a loose framework for how i proceed today.