say goodbye to gaze 34 / by Philip Tarlow

3:25 PM: changes to my home page: when you click on one othe paintings on my home page, you now see directions for viewing more of the paintings in that series in the dropdown menu..

1:36 PM: going back into these gaze series paintings is like jacunezi polybligs. in other words, there are no words. except ones you make up. i deliberately....sort of...worked with the canvas flat one the table. one thing i learned from matisse, is to use whatever methods you can to let go of control. so in his case, he put his brushes on long poles, preventing his mastery of line from interfering with the emergence of an unplanned result which likely would exceed the one he could execute so deftly with a normal brush or pencil.

when the canvas is lying flat on the table, you can't look at it head on & walk back to evaluate every so often. you brush in an eyebrow in the approximate color you want, thinking you'll refine it later on the easel. you trick yourself into being fluid and spontaneous because, you figure, this is just a first sketch. so jacunezi polybligs plus a slightly inconvenient angle promotes a kind of freewheeling exuberance which is the core of creativity, and can produce great results when backed by a knowledge of what came before.

it's also important, i'm learning, to have at least 2 or more pieces going on simultaneously, so you don't get hung up on one solution & everything is more open to change.

that said, none of this means shit without the X factor.



 11:28 AM: this morning i felt the juice to re-work gaze 34, which i've been looking at for months here in my studio. it just ain't working. i had thought i was complete with my gaze series, but the muse has spoken, and as you all know, you don't mess with the muse!

so i'm about to begin work & will post updates, as usual, throughout todays process.