on david's deck / 2-20-17 creek scroll continued / by Philip Tarlow

3:43 PM: i did more work on the creek scroll i started on 2/20, on the new japanese paper i got form blick. now i need to test out the other 2 rolls...maybe tomorrow?

just back fomr edwards, and my first task is to load the video footage i shot at the school. especially important right now is some excellent footage of the teacher we're collaborating with, bethany, talking to the kids about the may showcase of the projects they're working on.

before driving to edwards, we were in denver, where i finally got my new glasses proscription. i ordered them online and they should be delivered in about a week. we went by reed photo as well, and i picked up the transparencies of some of my older paintings, which i've been meaning for at least a decade to have digitized. so i got the first batch, which included this 1980 painting of myself on david hockney's now iconic deck, overlooking the pool. at the time, i was house sitting for david, so i had plenty of time to paint and to immerse myself in the rich environment of his house. in the guest room where i was staying was the original pear blossom highway collage, which i saw from about 3 feet every morning when i woke up.

when hockney returned form his travels and saw my painting, he asked to buy it. of course i said yes, and it's now in his collection.