news from denver / by Philip Tarlow

the lost painting: the artist with 6 workmen 1974 oil on linen 26 x 80" the painting is not complete, as you can see by the unpainted face of the workman on the right.

today in denver we picked up some transparencies i finally had digitized, after putting it off for years. this painting was purchased from my solo show at ora gallery in 1974. i contacted the children of the buyer, who is no longer living, but they were unsuccessful in locating the painting. i haven't given up, and now that i have this digitized image, i'm going to contact everyone who might be of  help in athens and see if i can't locate it. it represents the culmination of about 8 years of studies and smaller paintings of workmen i made at the time in my plaka studio. i realized once i pulled up the digitized image that it is not a photo of the completed painting. the face & hands of the workman on the right have not yet been painted in, and you can see the drawing on the tinted sienna ground.