looking back: ano kato 24 / 2 new creek scroll paintings / by Philip Tarlow

i made the drawings for 2-12-17 creek scrolls 1 & 2. i didn't make drawings for the previous 9 paintings in this series, so lets see what the difference is once i start applying the gouache colors....











10:39 AM: today i plan on making 2 new creek scroll paintings. before i begin, and as i drink my matcha tea, i'm looking back at my ano kato series. this one, number 24 in the series, which is now at gremillion & co. fine art in houston, is based on photos i shot at MOMA.

the painting is 48 x 48", oil on linen. it's only recently that i discovered my passion for foreshortening. many consider painting figures at this extreme angle to be challenging. for me, it's totally exciting and therefore easy. as well, details such as the reflections shimmering on the floor, become a kind of excuse for abstraction and pure painterliness. 

BELOW: some details of the painting in process, february 2, 2015.