rembrandt drawing / by Philip Tarlow

2:05 PM: this rembrandt drawing was made in 1634 and is titled the beggar speaks. his observations of daily life are always moving. you feel he has entered the world of his subjects, whether they are aristocrats or beggars. his use of line is free, lively and calligraphic. this drawing is in the collection of the dallas museum of art.

today i taped 2 pieces of rice paper to my wall, but, as often happens the first day back after traveling, i wasn't moved to paint. when i come in tomorrow morning, i'll be set to go. but it may be too dark, since we're expecting snow to begin tonight and continue into tomorrow.

so maybe i'll work on my long overdue presentation for my friend harwood at gremillion fine art in houston. he wants a short presentation of my ano kato series, with images and a voice over to use with clients.

when i've finished, i'll post it.