landscape series 5 / by Philip Tarlow

1:38 PM: i did a bit more work on the painting, lightening the upper left, which was too heavy relative to the subtle tones of the remainder of the painting.






12:31 PM: this morning when i entered the studio, i knew that moment had arrived for whole-body, bolder strokes. so that's what happened, mostly with the painting lying flat on my work table. That allows me more freedom and greater capacity to work the entire surface, sometimes with a very thin, diluted layer of oils, without the paint dripping or running. i frequently put it up on the wall to evaluate, possibly do a bit of work while it's hanging, then back to the table. in front of me on one of my 2 easels are a selection of plein air gouaches, which inspire and direct me, reminding me of solutions i came up with in the heat of the moment while sitting by the creek.

right now, it's in a sweet place and i think i'll let it be.