landscape series 4 progresses...slowly-slowly / by Philip Tarlow

3 PM: i had a sudden wave of tiredness, so i'm stopping for the day. it looks like i'm going to stick with oil pastel, crayon, colored pencil & graphite; something i've never done before on this scale, and on portrait linen. i'll continue tomorrow, but it feels close to completion. BELOW are some details.

                                            ABOVE: yesterdays version on the left, todays on the right

12:50 PM: this morning i continued work on landscape series 4, continuing to limit myself to colored pencils, crayon, graphite & oil pastel, but not employing oil paints. and it may remain that way. it has a delicate presence that i'd like to maintain, and using oil paints might upset the balance. 

i'm going to continue working and see where it takes me, so i'll post more pics and commentary at the end of my working day, in 2-3 hours.