landscape series 4; the drawing / by Philip Tarlow

          landscape series 4, 38x36"  as it looked at 3 pm

2:41 PM: today i began the drawing for landscape series 4 on the newly stretched 38x36" portrait linen. there's lots of ice in the photo i'm working from, which was shot on one of our recent walks up to tashi gomang stupa. the drawing is almost complete, but not quite, and will have a chance to gestate while i have my root canal tomorrow.

i plan on taking it very slow with this one, the drawing is so delicate and tender, it requires lots of space to breathe. before starting to paint, i'll spray it with fixative so that the colored pencil, crayon and graphite marks don't smear. my use of 5 or 6 different colors in of course intentional and based entirely upon my gut, much like my life. we associate different colors with different moods, but also with content. cucumbers are GREEN; red peppers RED. rocks are usually some variation of GREY. a blue or red or green ROCK conjures a fantastical world. as a matter of fact, the world IS fantastical! remove the cloak of expected, learned reality and you begin to give space to the fantastical. up to a certain age, depending on the culture, children see only this fantastical reality. so we can all REMEMBER it! it's at the tip of our memory.