day 3: woman in landscape, 38x36" oil on portrait linen / by Philip Tarlow

woman in landscape 1 38x36"  oil, graphite & crayon on linen

2:14 PM: i'm stopping for the day. i'll know better in the morning where i need to go with it, or rather it with me! this is an experiment of sorts. it couldn't happen in this way without the exquisite surface provided by this quadruple primed french portrait linen; as responsive as a lover to every touch.


















12:30 PM: continuing work on woman on landscape,  i drew a grid, then began breaking up what i did yesterday, introducing graphite, crayon and oil pastel into the mix.

i'll continue working as long as i have juice. everything i learned during the most recent round of plein air gouaches as well as the recent series of collages is coming into play. i'm searching/not searching for a new form, simultaneously letting the viewer know this is not your traditional landscape while using my skills at realist depiction of the landscape.

back to work, and i'll post updates as they occur. in the mean time, BELOW is a comparative view of the painting yesterday and today.