a bit more work this morning, and now "landscape series 3" is hanging in the house for evaluation/"sexual innuendo" / by Philip Tarlow

1:24 PM: from time to time when i'm between paintings, i pull out this 16x16" experiment in oil on linen and do some work on it. or rather, i play on it.  it started out over a year ago as a failed landscape (i think) and then became my playground, where anything goes and nothing is sacred. actually, now that i think about it, that's the way all painting should be! you care the most when you don't give a shit! 

sexual innuendo is the title it never had. but today i decided it has enough of a vulva-esque passage to deserve it. i love that it's a stand-alone. it reminds one of some of the pieces in the collage series, however it's really catagory-less, poor baby! maybe i'm just preparing for the root canal i'm due to have on thursday. now there's a sexual innuendo!

                      YESTERDAY AFTERNOON                                                        NOON TODAY

noon: i did a bit more work on landscape series 3 this morning, then brought it over to the house for evaluation in morning, afternoon & artificial lighting tonight. it doesn't have that sketchy freshness of the previous two, but it is a beautiful & compelling image. i lightened the tall grasses in the foreground, gave some dimensionality to the large horizontal tree trunk and added small but critical blue accents at the very top left.