starting work on landscape series 3 / by Philip Tarlow

5:36 PM: an unusual late afternoon intervention has taken place. we stopped by the studio following our walk up to the stupa and, although the sun had set, i turned on the lights & made a few changes. here's how she looks now.

the painting carries further (it can be read at a distance of 50 feet), and has a less descriptive, more energetic, gestural feel, transmitting to the viewer more of a sense of the presence of the creek. compared with the earlier version, it goes further in the direction of creating a language. without a language, said matisse, an artist has no foundation for creating good/great art.






2:16 PM: this morning, after a 1 day break. i followed up on the drawing i made on saturday for landscape series 3. i felt it was getting too busy, with not enough breathing space, so i went back in a few minutes ago and took out the work i had done on the top 1/3. 

you can see the progression below, starting earlier this morning on the left, then the stage where i t got to busy in the center and finally, the current state, on the right. i'll pick up where i left off tomorrow.