landscape series 2, final photo / by Philip Tarlow

12:52 PM: the new owner of landscape series 2 dropped off the painting this morning so that i could make some minor fixes to the smudged white corners, which had rubbed against a piece of cardboard on my work table and picked up a little grime. on a stark white portrait linen canvas, everything shows.

also, i'll tape the edges, using a roll of archival artist tape that fedex will deliver soon. so that when the painting is hanging in their home you can't see the staples along the edges. i also sprayed it with fixative so that the areas where i used crayon won't rub off. and finally, i'm going to attach a wire to the back, which they prefer instead of the single hook i usually use. this will make it far easier to adjust the painting on the wall so that it's absolutely straight.

i also shot a final photo of the painting, which includes some small additions to the area beneath the red rock on the left. this will give me an accurate record for my archives. it's a very subtle painting, difficult to reproduce digitally. no matter how much i adjust the image, much of the subtlety found, for example in the areas where i employed colored pencils to make the preliminary drawing, is lost. if you click on the detail on the right, you'll see what i mean.

as i said a few days ago, before it was purchased, i had been tempted to do more work on this painting, which likely would have negatively affected the fragility of the piece, as well as interfering with what i would call the breathing space it has. paintings have a life of their own, and this one knew quite well what it wanted! oh, and finally, it needs a signature! i'll repost once i adjust the image of the signed painting.

this piece can now be found on the very top row of representative paintings on the home page of this site.

2:04 PM: the painting you see above has now been signed. i don't like large signatures, so you'll have to make the image larger & look for the signature on the lower right, in red.