starting to work on "landscape series 2" and musings on jacob van ruisdale / by Philip Tarlow

2:04 pm: stopping a bit early so we can walk up the trail. here's how it looks; i'll continue tomorrow.










12:53 PM: this morning i began work on landscape series 2, which i made the drawing for yesterday. using oil, crayon & graphite stick, i moved slowly, not wanting to overdo it.

as i continue work, here's the current state of the painting.








BELOW: 2 paintings by 17th c. dutch painter jacob van ruisdale. the details of each of these landscapes reveal   small figures easy to miss at first glance, when looking at the entire painting. i love this understated inclusion of figures in the vast dutch landscape. for me they hold far more interest and mystery than similar landscapes of the period by other artists, who have made the figures more prominent. without these little human presences, ruisdale's landscapes would be less compelling, i believe.