the philadelphia museum through tarlow's eyes / by Philip Tarlow

7:51 AM: back in colorado, i'm writing this from our hotel on a chilly, foggy morning. while on the plane from philly, i adjusted 66 photos i shot in the philadelphia museum of art a few days ago. it was so wonderful to be able to photograph at will, after our experience at the barnes, that i went a little nuts. so i'm posting a portion of them, which i'll discuss one group at a time. the general theme is my growing belief that it's virtually impossible in a large painting to create the same coherence possible with a small one.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 8.02.03 AM.png

this miro, for example. if you compare it with his larger compositions, containing his universally familiar shapes, perhaps you can see what i mean.while this is a very beautiful miro, it's more "branded" and less subtle, tender  and coloristically interesting than the smaller, earlier work (above right.)  

these observations extend to many oother works i photographed in the museum, some of which i've posted below.

SITE-11-8-17 sleeping man.jpg

3:36 PM: we're back in colorado, at a furniture shop in salida, trying out chairs for mikela's office. here's a drawing i made last night on our late flight from philly to denver, of a man sleeping. the over-seat lights cast dramatic shadows on his face. combined with they way his entire face relaxed during his nap, he kind of looked....well...dead!