philadelphia / how will the barnes affect my work when we return? / by Philip Tarlow

the barnes collection: the small scale work of demuth, upper right and lower left & right,  in particular, as well as alo altripp, on the uppeleft, were a revelation. i'm still integrating and digesting.

6:35 PM: while making the 20 minute walk to and from the conference center i shot some photographs of the beautiful philadelphia skyline. a large rain bearing system just missed the city, but created spectacular skies rivaling what we see at home in colorado.

4:26 PM: drawings made today at the middle school conference:AMLE, in philadelphia:

10:18 AM: some images from philadelphia, where mikela is speaking at AMLE, the National Middle School Conference. top left: a drawing i made this morning of one of the attendees. top center: one of philadelphia's best asian restautants: smapan,top right: tatoo parlor storefront in chinatown. bottom right & left: the barnes collection.