more work on 11-25-17 collage / by Philip Tarlow

11-26-17 collage mixed media on paper, 15x20"

1:32 PM: upon entering my studio, a quick glance at 11/25/17 collage made it clear that changes had to be made. i had intended to go out again this afternoon to paint plein air, but tomorrow, which will be our last unseasonably warm day, is when i'll go out, possibly for the last time this season, until spring arrives. in the past, i've ventured out as early as march, which is only 3 months away!

the composition was too jammed, so i introduced more while space, allowing the composition to breathe. 2 1/2 printed letters were added, taken form a page in art forum advertising a show at the whitney, which is where the EY came from. i added a bit with black crayon, turning it into hey. only one eye remains from the collaged drawing of a team member that marked the starting point. a festive, circus atmosphere reigns, whith pinks & blues and what appears to be a prancing horse. a few green splashes in the lower right pay hommage to the creek. and the wavy cutout blue streamers i've been employing help define the space.



BELOW: stage 1 (left)  yesterdays version (middle) & todays (right)