7:39 PM: i worked on the collage until 4 pm. towards the end i had the feeling i was overdoing it. when i got it back to the house, i decided it made more sense compositionally as a vertical.

i feel it still needs work, but not a great deal.a few of the slender dark blue collaged bit could be pushed back or eliminated. and the slender red/pink-ish collaged element at the top left is too obvious  and not needed. and something else, which i won't know until i resume work tomorrow morning. "you're working on thanksgiving?" you might ask. neither mikela or myself pay attention to holidays, weekends, birthdays, etc. 









2:17 PM: here's what the new collage looks like right now. i might give it a rest until tomorrow. the creek scape or the squash forms are no longer primary sources for the forms here. i'm simply taking my aesthetic to the next level.




1:01 PM: got a late start today and am just starting work on a new collage: 11/22/17 collage. i made some preparatory marks as a way of kicking it off with some fresh material.

more pics as my day progresses.