tweaks to yesterdays 11/20/17 collage / by Philip Tarlow

1:34 PM: i had brought 11/20/17 collage back to the house so that we could both review it. we independently concluded that this area, and in particular this brown shape needed work. it was drawing our attention to the detriment of the whole composition. 



so i brought it back and did some experiments, cutting out that exact shape from another piece of white paper, laying it over the brown, etc. at one point i found this solution, but upon reflection that wasn't doing it.



finally,  this solution evolved. i was multi-tasking, beginning some long overdue editing of important footage we shot lest year at a middle school near vail. so i wasn't fully in the groove. on the other hand, it gave me an opportunity to leave the collage altogether and return with fresh eyes. how i know this is the right solution is that i am no longer drawn to that area of the collage to the exclusion of the whole composition.



BELOW are the before, on the left, and after images of the collage: